Session 2: Creating an Exhibit in Omeka


An exhibit is a presentation of your items, with added text and customized layouts.

An exhibit can have multiple pages, and you can drag and drop them to rearrange the order, even making some pages sub-sections of others.

  1. To create an exhibit, click on the Exhibits tab in the left menu of your SITE dashboard and then Add an exhibit.


  • Give your exhibit a title and a slug (the other fields are not required)
    • A slug is what will be added to the url to identify your exhibit
  • Click on the green Add Page button at the bottom of the page.

Add Page

  • On the page that follows, give your page a title and a slug.
    • Pages are made up of blocks, which can be files and test, just files, or just text. A page can have multiple blocks.
  • In New Block, select the File with Text option and then the green Add new content block button that will appear when you select a block option

Page Content

  • In Block 1 (File with Text) click the Add Item button.
    • In the window which opens, click on your item and then click Select Item. You can add a caption if you want. Click the green Apply button.
    • Add some text to the text box below the Blocks
  • Click Save Changes
  • Click the View Public Page button to see how your Omeka site looks.


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